Gary Blanchard (
Tue, 25 Jun 1996 23:38:57 -0700

Dear Jon-

Regarding your request for news items for NAPCN News: If you are
interested in other varieties of Constructivism than PCP, I can recommend
an article I just came across called "A Constructivist Approach to
Professional Training in the use of Client Information Systems," by Andy
Bilson. It is a report of an application of the Language/Action
Perspective, developed by Winograd,Flores and others, in pursuit of a
social worker development effort in England.

The site is -

As you may know from my posts on the mailist, I can vouch for the
innovative paradigmatic importance of this new Perspective. I have been
learning, practicing and teaching this approach to management students in
NJ State Government for several years. I would be glad to provide any
additional information you may wish. I think you would do your readers a
real service in reprinting part or all of this article.

Sincerely yours, Gary F. Blanchard, MPA