Re: Constructs and attitudes

Chris Evans (
Fri, 28 Jun 1996 12:45:49 +0000

> Ute Klein, a student of mine, is just analysing the data of a 'zero
> aquaintance' study. She had about 70 students to complete a standard
> repgrid and a standard personality questionnaire (NEO-FFI). The
> repgrids were typed and given to a group of raters (advanced
> psychology students) who completed the peer rating version of the
> same questionnaire. It turned out, that these raters who had nothing
> but the repgrid where able to predict the self-report data. The
> accuracy of these predictions is about as high as that for raters
> who (in other zero aquaintance studies) had observed a behavioral
> episode of that person. In my view, this study demonstrates that
> repgrids contain valid information about the persons' behaviors and
> that there is a relation between behavior and constructs (see
> Brunswik's (1956) lens model).
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>>>>> Comments on this kind of study are welcome. <<<<<<

Dear Rainer,

I believe these studies are extremely important. Are you writing
this up?


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