What kinds of exchanges???

James Mancuso (mancusoj@crisny.org)
Sat, 29 Jun 1996 16:58:55 -0700

Hi to the PCP networkers:

Over the past months, some of the PCP networkers have shared
their ideas about how we might receive, welcome, react to, etc., dialogue
partners who show up on the net to discuss their views on specific issues
relative to PCP or to engage PCP networkers in considerations of
alternative positions, etc.

Can I take the liberty of noting that those of us who wish to
participate in this net do so on account of our having committed
extensively to elaborating PCP. Might I assume that those who have made
that committment have or are in the process of having explored personal
construct psychology, constructivism in general, the epistemological base
of the theory, etc.

It would seem, then, that anyone who participates in this net
should expect that those of us who already are participating will expect
that other participants will take it for granted that we are well
acquainted with [or becomeing well acquainted with] this foundational set
of ideas.

Thus, I am not particularly sympathetic to the suggestions that
we need to give much attention to someone who comes on to the net and
begins to proseletyze without having done his/her homework regarding the
foundational knowledge.
I figure that I have worked out my position through a process of
assiduously studying all kinds of alternative positions.
` I don't participate in the net in order to settle on the general
perspective I wish to take.

Thus, you all will need to excuse me if I show some impatience
with participants who try to prove that those of us who have committed to
elaborating PCP and who have chosen to participate in this net are some
kind of toadying fools who follow a set of power-manipulating egotists or
are benighted babes-in-the woods who deserve the services of a knight in
shiny armor.

Looking forward to more stimulating discussion.

Jim Mancuso