re: what kinds of exchanges: a playground for loose constructs

Lois Shawver (
Mon, 1 Jul 1996 01:07:24 -0700 (PDT)

On Sun, 30 Jun 1996, Brian Gaines wrote:

> "This list is concerned to offer both a forum for the discussion of Personal
> Construct Psychology, in terms of the theoretical and methodological concerns
> of this discipline, and an analysis of the relationship between this discipline
> and other perspectives within the social sciences."

Then I think you will probably have to police the list to make it so. I
will oblige myself, but I must say, it makes it less interesting to me,
personally. This is not a central area of scholarship for me. It is
quite peripheral. I see myself as more a philospher-historian type that
likes to reason across schools of thought. So, with your guidelines, I'll
probably "go peripheral" and see if anything interesting happens worthy of
my lurking. I hope it does. As you have defined your participants,
however, I don't fit.

But one final comment. When i said that people can participate as
students, I didn't mean that they had to be registered as students.
Only those who are tightly identified with a particular school of thought
refrain from taking the role of a student after grad school. And
students do more than meekly ask questions, except, of course, in the most
authoritarian of traditions.

..Lois Shawver