Re: New Web's address

Chris Evans (
Tue, 2 Jul 1996 22:36:49 +0000

> Sorry, I forgot to include the URL in my previous message:
Ah Guillem, you are obviously conflicted (to use a rather non-PCP
terminology) about posting this, first you post without the URL, then
you post with the URL but without the crucial ".htm" on the end so
that all I saw was a rather nice gif.

I worked my way throught the Catalan menus from the root on the site
to find what I needed though, shows what you can do without any
comprehension doesn't it? I think some of the A.I. people called
something like this "the Chinese room thought experiment".

Incidentally, I think you said, very kindly, you'd send me a copy of
gridcor. It never arrived. Did it disappear between us or never
leave?! I'd really like a copy to review. While I'm at it. I've
captured your frames on gridcor and on record. Is it O.K. for me to
mirror them here at my site in the "grids" bit? Should get you a bit
more publicity. I'll also be putting a pointer to your site in my
list of pointers.

Finally, can I suggest you allow people who don't use Netscape >= 2
(or perhaps I just mean non-frame capable people) some alternative
version of your site. Yours is a nice use of frames but I still
quite often use Netscape 1.2 as it's less resource hungry.

Best wishes,


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