Gregory Hadley (
Wed, 3 Jul 96 08:21:24 JST

Dear Members of the PCP Mailing List,

Let me introduce myself. My name is Gregory Hadley, and I teach TEFL at the
University of Niigata in Japan. My research is in the fields of
psycholinguistics and sociolinguistics. Over the past couple of years, I
have been very interested in how I could use PCP-based research techniques
(repertory grids) as a way to lessen researcher bias and allow my students
to respond to me in their own words on issues that are of a concern to them.
Currently I have the pleasure of working with Dr. Chris Evans at the
University of London on a sociolinguistic study with 165 Japanese students
using a (modified) repgrid technique. The findings are quite interesting,
and we will of course wish to publish our results later.

I've noticed that several of the authors of the books and articles I have
read are on this list. I am excited to have the opportunity to dialog with
many of you in due course. While I may ask questions from time to time, I
feel the need to remain as quiet as possible and to learn as much as I can
before I can feel confident that I will have anything of value to contribute
to the group.

Happy to be on board,

Gregory Hadley
Gregory S. Hadley
2-15-19 Higashi-Nakanoyama
Niigata-shi 950 Japan
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