Re: PCP-based research in Japan?

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Sun, 07 Jul 1996 16:18:57 -0700

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Gregory Hadley wrote:
> >From my (limited) study of what's out there in PCP research, I have yet to
> find anything on any studies with Japanese subjects. Does anyone out there
> know of any previous PCP-based research with Japanese?
> Gregory S. Hadley
> 2-15-19 Higashi-Nakanoyama
> Niigata-shi 950 Japan
> Fax: 81-25-426-3646


Last fall a young man, Professor Sakamoto, spent time in the US.
He visited a number of the people doing PCP work. I am not sure of how
he has followed up on that work.

You might contact him..... Professor Sakamoto

I assume that he can be found at that e-mail address. I have not
communicated with him lately. If he is not still at that address,
perhaps I can find a more current address.

Jim Mancuso

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