Constructs & attitudes

16 Aug 1996 08:54:30 -0500


Thanks for your reply. Your research sounds interesting. If it
were practical and ethical I would be fascinated to see an
example(s) of your grids. Presumably the grids had the same
constructs (somewhat akin to the questions covered in the
questionnaire). If not, the raters did a remarkable job
absorbing 70 grids (a single grid can be enough to drive one to

One final question, when you say the raters were able to make
predictions based on the grids,

>Until now we focused on the correlation between ratings
>(averaged across the five raters and for each rater
>individually) and self-reports.

Can you give me an idea of the levels of correlation which were
obtained? To my mind your results support the proposition that
a grid can provide a representation of anothers construing, to
the extent that 'accurate predictions' can be made based on grid

I was going to send this as a personal post, however I feel your
research warrants wider consideration,


Bob Green