New member interests

Charles Smith (
Fri, 16 Aug 1996 19:26:41 +0100

To: Mercedes Lopez Invarato

Many thanks for your reply to my introductory paragraphs. You ask why I seek
to change behaviour of people at work, and whether it is legitimate to
manipulate others. Why do you ask me this question? Are you seeking to
manipulate me? In whose interest are you acting?

I am always trying to influence people, but nobody is compelled to take any

The people who work with me are there of their own volition. They find their
work interesting, and they earn a reasonable living. In the economic system
in which we live (not invented by me) the company has to be effective to get
business, and we all know this. My colleagues know what I am doing and
support it. Most of them even like the economic system, but I leave that up
to them. Everyone I try to change knows I am trying to change them and why I
am doing it. They can choose. Everyone I interview knows what I am doing and
answers willingly.

I have declared my interests. You haven't declared yours. So who is the

You deserve a longer reply. I will tell you about my moral position some
other time. However I am currently busy:

- doing a full-time job
- manipulating a son and others to get him into a university
- writing an essay on the relationship between the individual and the
institution - thanks for your help

Best wishes

Charles Smith