re: EPCA

Devi (
Thu, 29 Aug 1996 12:55:07 +0100

Dear Karen, and all others who see this,

re your query:
>I'm interested in obtaining EPCA newsletters. What is the cost in Cdn $$?
>Thanks for clarifying what PCP means.

As you mightn't have seen the other item I put on the pcp mailing list
yesterday, I'll repeat the salient bit!

>The EPCA membership secretary's address is:
>Ann Harwood, Kent Cottage, The Drive, Belmont, Surrey SM2 7DH
>and the membership fee is 10 pounds for the 2-year period April 1996 to >March
>1998 for new members.

As for the cost to Canadian colleagues, I dunno... I'd suggest you contact
Ann, or perhaps Pam Denicolo th Convener of EPCA, to find out. Pam's e-mail

Kindest regards,