Hi from Mexico

Eusebio Rubio (rubioa@servidor.dgsca.unam.mx)
Sat, 31 Aug 1996 20:09:05 +0600

I am Eusebio Rubio, I am an MD with a Ph D in Human Sexuality.

My main field of interest is sexuality especially in its therapeutic
dimensions. For some years now I have being working in a model of sexuality
which attempts to account for mental formulations and organizations,
following general system theory principles and piagetian principles of
knwoledege fomulation. I was first in contac with PCP some months ago and
from what I have seen it appears to be an interesting framework to further
develop my ideas.

This first question is an open one. Does any one in the list is interested
in appling PCP to sexuality, if so con you give some idea of readings there
might be available on the internet.

I live in Mexico and for that reason I dont practice English that often so,
excuse me for my errors, please.

Hope to hear from anyone interested

Eusebio Rubio
Psicolog=EDa M=E9dica
Facultad de Medicina
TEL. 604-2652
fax 513-1065
e-mail: rubioa@servidor.unam.mx