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04 Sep 1996 08:39:27 -0500

Sue Coomer asked about Q methodolgy. While I don't even know
what it is, I did save some posts which may relate to this

""Date: Tue, 4 Jun 1996 12:50:12 -0400
From: bobp@lightlink.com (Robert Parks)
Subject: Re: Qmethod and PCP

>Has anyone written about/ looked at the relationship between
>QMethodology (as in Knight and Doan, The Stories We Tell
>Ourselves, Harcourt Brace, 1994), also known elsewhere as
>QMethod, and repertory grid?

>All the best,

I have wondered about that question also, since both methods
appear to differ from traditional scaling techniques in their
focus on eliciting from the viewpoint of the subjective construct
rather than the observer's view of behavior. I have a book on
Q-methodolgy in the Sage Quantitative methods series, and one on
the use of Q-methodology in political studies, but neither deals
with PCP/rep-grids.

I'd be interested in knowing what you find out.

By the way, do you have first initials/names on that book you
mentioned? Care to tell us more about it?


Bob Parks

From: BLOWERS@hkucc.hku.hk
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 1996 09:22:21 +0800
Subject: Re: Qmethod and PCP

Patrick Slater writes of the similarities and differences
between Q-methodology first introduced by Stephenson in 1953
and rep grid methodology in his 1977 book "Explorations
in Personal Space" vol. 1. (Wiley). I believe he was the first
to write of this.

Geoff Blowers""


Bob Green