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Franz Epting has been doing work on construct theory and notions of
sexuality. He presented a paper on homosexuality and personal construct
psychology at APA in Toronto last month. He and I, along with Tim Burke,
published an article on constructivism and sexuality. The reference for the
article is:

Epting, F. R., Raskin, J. D., & Burke, T. B. (1994). Who is a homosexual?
A critique of the heterosexual-homosexual dimension. The Humanistic
Psychologist, 22, 353-370.

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> Eusebio--
> While I think PCP has a lot to offer the study of sexuality, there seems
> to have been very little work in this area (based on a literature search I
> did last spring). None of it, as far as I know, is available on line.
> Most of it can be found in the references of David Winter's book PERSONAL
> there have also been mentions on this list of current ongoing studies
> involving PCP approaches to understanding sexual identity and orientation,
> but I don't remember the sources or any details--if those people are still
> on the list they may come forward when they get back from vacation.
> Good luck,
> Tim
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