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Someone was asking about reference to Q-methodology. The
following is a short list culled from a discussion a year or so
ago on another list looking at psychoanalytic issues. the central
references below would, I hope prove useful to whoever (Sue
Cromer?) is seeking to understand something of the basics of this
technique from the man who originally devised it.

Stephenson, W. (1953). _The study of behavior_. Chicago:
University of Chicago Press. (chapter 11, esp. pp. 249ff)

Stephenson, W. (1985). Perspectives in psychology:
Integration in clinical psychology. _Psychological Record_, 35,

Stephenson, W. (1987). Q methodology: Interbehavioral and
quantum theoretical connections in clinical psychology. In D.H.
Ruben & D.J. Delprato (Eds.), _New ideas in therapy_ (pp.
95-106). Westport, CT: Greenwood Press.

Stephenson, W. (1988). Falsification and credulity for
psychoanalytic doctrine. _Operant Subjectivity_, 11, 73-

Stephenson, W. (1989). Quantum theory of subjectivity.
_Integrative Psychiatry_, 6, 180-195. (with accompanying

Baas, L.R. & Brown, S.R. (1973). Generating rules for
intensive analysis: The study of transformations. Psychiatry,
36, 172-183.

Brown, S.R. (1981). Intensive analysis. In D. Nimmo & K.R.
Sanders (Eds.), Handbook of political communication (pp.
627-649). Beverly Hills: Sage.

Stephenson, W. (1974). Methodology of single case studies.
Journal of Operational Psychiatry, 5(2), 3-16.

"I might add that there is a yearly Q conference (October 13-15,
University of Missouri), a Q journal (Operant Subjectivity), and
a Q methodology electronic discussion list (Q-METHOD, available
via Listserv@kentvm.kent.edu). There are also three major
software packages for analyzing Q data -- Van Tubergen's QUANAL
(mainframe), Stricklin's PCQ (PCs), and Atkinson's freeware
package QMethod (mainframe)." [quote from original posting]

Hope this helps.

Geoff Blowers
Dept of Psychology
University of Hong Kong
Hong Kong