GRIDCOR: A grid PC program available

Wed, 25 Sep 1996 13:16:14 +0000

Dear colleagues,

In the last days I have read several messages
asking for grid programs. I enclose hereafter the information about
the new release of GRIDCOR which runs on PC, performs several
types of statistical analysis and prints labels in files that can be
edited at your convenience. This message was already posted a few months a=
but maybe is not available now to some members of the list.

Thanks for your attention.

GRIDCOR: Correspondence Analysis for Grid Data v. 2.0
=A9 by Drs. Jos=E9 Manuel Cornejo and Guillem Feixas

* Friendly program for IBM/compatible personal computers
running on DOS. You only need a few minutes to operate the program.
* It comes with the 80-page reference guide "A Manual for the Repertory
Grid" that introduces you both to the rep grid and the GRIDCOR program.
* Ready to use even for newcomers!
* Grid data and labels are kept in text files produced either from GRIDCOR=

or from your preferred word processor.
* Automatic, and very fast, three-page printout with main analyses for bus=
* Results can be either printed from GRIDCOR or saved on files to be edite=
and printed.
* Allows you to print on both dot matrix and injection/laser printers.
* Performs the following analyses on your grid data: correspondence analys=
(a factor analytic method with several advantages over principal compone=
analysis, as explained in the Manual), two-way cluster analysis (focusin=
the grid), distance and correlation matrices for both elements and const=
and conflict analysis.
* Calculates the following global grid measures: PVAFF (Percentage of Vari=
Accounted by the First Factor), Intensity, Bieri's Cognitive Complexity,=

Discriminative Power (Landfield's Ordination), Extremity of ratings,
Extremity bias, Rating range, and conflict scores.
* Calculates the following measures for each construct and element: Co-ord=
and contributions, Intensity, Discriminative power, and Extremity of rat=
* Prints the following graphic displays: Dual diagrams for each axis or fa=
plotting of any combination of two of the five axes or factors, cluster =
trees for
both elements and constructs, and focused grid.
* All graphic displays are ready to use for the practitioner because they =
readable labels.
* Interactive menu for displaying labels in the two-axes display.
* Spanish version RECORD is also available.


3'5'' HD Diskette for installation in 1 computer: SP 80,-; or DM 200,-;
or US$ 130,-; or Ptas.15.000,-

3'5'' HD Diskette for installation in 2 computers: SP 120,-;
or DM 290,-; or US$160,-; or Ptas. 18.000,-

3'5'' HD Diskette for installation in 3 computers: SP 150,-;
or DM 325,-; or US$180,-; or Ptas. 21.000,-

If you are a user of a previous version ask for an uptade
benefitial price.

Postage and taxes not included. Please contact us for information.

To order send cheque to CENTRE DE TERAPIA COGNITIVA (Llu=EDs Sagnier, 41 e=
nt. 1=AA,
Barcelona 08032, Spain) and will receive diskette and manual by return mai=
Inquiries: Dr. Guillem Feixas, fax numbers 343 402 1362 or 343 402 1427.
e-mail: (or by mail at the above address)

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