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Wed, 25 Sep 1996 23:48:45 +0100

Siobhan Alderson writes:

>Currently I'm in the early stages of a project applying PCP and repgrid
>to the field of business ethics.
>I've been searching the WWW for any innovations in repgrid analysis,
>have found lots of material, but have great difficulty in actually
>sourcing any packages. Perhaps someone out there could help? I'm
>especially interested in SOCIOGRIDS CIRCUMGRIDS or any package which is
>PC based. If anyone knows of any sources, mail me and let me know.

I can't help regarding the substantive query re software, being a Macintosh
user myself. However, it's good to hear of someone else interested in
business ethics, and located nearby (I'm in Middlesbrough) to boot!

If you (or anyone else, which is why I'm doing this as a general posting
rather than a private e-mail) are interested in any of the following
papers, mostly pre-publication, do please let me know by private e-mail.
The last is a straight questionnaire but the first two hinge on repertory
grid and resistance-to-change grid techniques.

(And I'd love to get in touch to read anything of your own on this topic,

Jankowicz A.D. "Personal values among public sector employees: a
methodological study". A paper given at the 3rd. Biennial Conference of the
European Personal Construct Society, University of Reading, April 1996.
(The main methodological contribution concerning a rather useful grid-based
way of handling the social desirability effect which plagues research of
this kind.)
Jankowicz A.D. "Social desirability, security and fraud in a public sector
agency" in submission.
Jankowicz A.D., Zgoda L., Hisrich R.D. & Solymossy E. "Business ethics in a
post-command economy: a comparative study of U.S. and Polish entrepreneurs"
in submission.

Kindest regards,

Devi Jankowicz