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>Hello all,
>Does anyone know of any articles that discuss the OMNIGRID program in
>Many thanks,

Sewell, K.W., Adams-Webber, J., Mitterer, J.O. & Cromwell, R.L. (1992).
Computerized repertory grids. International Journal of Personal Construct
Psychology, 5, 1-23.

Sewell, K.W., Mitterer, J.O., Adams-Webber, J., & Cromwell, R.L. (1991).
OMNIGRID-PC: A new development in computerized repertory grids.
International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology , 4, 175-192.

Mitterer, J.O. & Adams-Webber, J. (1988). OMNIGRID: A program for the
construction, administration and analysis of repertory grids. In J. C.
Mancuso & M. L. G. Shaw (Eds.), Cognition and personal structure: Computer
access and analysis (pp. 89-103). New York: Praeger.

Mitterer, J. & Adams-Webber, J. (1988). OMNIGRID: A general repertory
grid design, administration and analysis program. Behavior Research
Methods, Instruments & Computers, 20, 359-360.

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