Re: Astrology and Rep Grids

Gary F. Blanchard, MPA (
Fri, 08 Nov 1996 14:36:34 -0800

G Douglas wrote:
> I am involved in (serious) research into the claims of
> astrology, following the well-attested work by the Gauquelins and more
> recently by Ertel and others. Does anyone involved in the use of Rep Grids
> have any experience or interests they'd like to share ? I'm also looking for
> volunteers who know their birth time.
> Graham Douglas.
Dear Graham-

I'm new to your field of interest. Would you be willing to send along a
few examples of "the claims of astrology," as well as "the well-attested
work by the Gauguelins and ... Ertel and others"? This sounds like a
most challenging endeavor, and I look forward to hearing more about it.


					Sincerely yours,                                           

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