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Wed, 20 Nov 1996 15:28

From: James Mancuso
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Subject: Re: PCP and movements
Date: Wednesday, November 20, 1996 1:06PM

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> This idea, so far as PCP is concerned, relates to the core ideas
>one uses when speaking of MEMORY PROCESSES. What is stored for use by a
>system of constructs. I have proposed that we should think of storage
>in terms of TWO POLED CONSTRUCTS. Thus, each anticipatory construction
>-- whether it be a motor movement by which we anticipate a valid body
>position, position of a putative object in space, or our self as text
>for another to process -- represents a NEW constructions. That is,
>constructions should not be taken as the unit of storage.
> I have come to believe that this is a central issue in working
>with PCP.

> What you seem [to me] to be saying is that the people who have
>built motor movement theories around notions such as schema or
>anticipatory constructions, have tried to pass on to the learner the
>complete construction, without ascertaining whether or not the person
>has available the interconnected hierarchy of constructs out of which
>he/she can build the construction to be used in the situation.


Jim Mancuso

Hi Jim,
I'm new to the list, and have become interested in Personal Construct Theory
within the last 5 years or so. I recently graduated from University of
North Texas in Counselor Education and have a position now at South Dakota
State University. I am interested in the idea of hierarchial structuring
and memory processes. From a therapeutic perspective, how do we know when
we have accessed a superordinate or core construct with a client? How does
this relate to memory processes and early childhood experiences? I would be
interested in any literature and research you know of that focuses on these
issues. Some research I've read focuses on attachment patterns and 2nd
order change (W. J. Lyddon), but not many of these articles discuss the use
of research into memory. I would appreciate any input. I recall your name
from a book you edited with Mildred Shaw a few years ago. I look forward to
your response

Vic Jones