Re: PCP and movements

Jones, John WEN (
Fri, 22 Nov 1996 8:47

Hi Devi,

Thanks for your response to my question about superordinate/core constructs.
It is very helpful. One of the things that I always look for with a client
in session is any intense emotionality (I work with somewhat of a different
population than you do). Some of the frustration that I've run into is when
I believe that someone might have undergone some type of core construct
change, old patterns eventually began to resurface. I've read what Kelly,
Neimeyer, and Mahoney have said about old patterns, but it makes me wonder
sometime if we can ever really "know" if a person has undergone a major
construct change. Mahoney talks about core constructs revolving around
issues of self(identity), power (efficacy, competency), values (which you
wrote about in your response), and reality (subjective organization). Many
of the clients with whom I've worked are in fact dealing with one or more of
these issues and there always seems to be some intense emotion for them
around these concerns.

I appreciate your input on the laddering technique because it is one I've
used quite often. I've also used Leitner's Interpersonal Rep Grid to get at
personal constructs regarding interpersonal relationships, which has worked

Again, one of my sources of frustration is thinking that some changes have
occurred that may not have occurred. That may always be the case, because
therapeutic relationships are always in process. Perhaps I'm trying to be
too 'certain' about things.

Thanks much for your very useful input.


Vic Jones