grids and CT

G Douglas (
Mon, 25 Nov 1996 20:34:38 GMT

Dear colleagues,
My interests in PCP relate to others in semiotics and the
Semantic Differential of Osgood et al. I'd like to ask if anyone has tried
to use Catastrophe Theory to model the semantic universes revealed by grids?
I am thinking particularly of the situation where a string of implications
leads eventually to the reverse correlation with the starting construct. It
seems to me that a cusp surface could model this: if we imagine a line of
constructs like pencils tied together at their centres then they could do
any one of a number of things: be tightly together in a bundle;be laid out
on a flat surface with anohter construct running orthogonally; be wrapped
around a surface and end up in reverse orientation.
Any ideas?
Graham Douglas.