Re: Grids/vocational guiding/therapy

Hallvard Fxllesdal (
Wed, 27 Nov 1996 14:12:30 +0100

Also, I have
>written a little in-house monograph on PCP for my colleagues here at the
>Waikato Polytechnic. In it I describe PCP and Repertory Test/Grid
>method and associated techniques... and .... provide the readers with
>exercises based on Vocational exploration, to enable them to gain
>familiarity with the techniques (as I use them) and also to
>demonstarte its power.
>If you send me a postal address, I'll send copies of these to you.
Hello Robin!

Thank you very much for your answers and references! I would appreciate a
lot if you could send me copies of what you have written about pcp and grids
used in vocational guiding.

I haven't done so much counseling yet, but my experiences so far are mainly
positive: the clients find the grid more useful than the standardized method
I use. They tell me that this is partly because the process of taking the
grid is useful, i.e. they have to think more about important aspects
(differences and similarities) of alternative occupations. Some report that
the grid results tells them what they already know and others report new
insights. Unfortunately, not all my clients have found the grid equally
useful, so I am trying to find better ways I can use it for vocational
guiding. So it will be interesting to read about how you use it and your
experiences with it!

Please send the copies to:

Hallvard Follesdal
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Thank you!