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Philip Michelson (
Sun, 15 Dec 1996 13:37:37 +1000 (EST)


Below are some comments on your posting

>There are several reasons why I'm struggling with giving up the concept of
>"real." One is evolution and adaptation. Although I agree that our mental
>representations of "reality" are probably not a one-to-one correspondence,
>can we claim that those representations have to be close enough that enables
>our survival? If not, would we be here? Is there "something" out there to
>which we must adapt, and isn't that "real"? What I'm not proposing is some
>absolutistic stance. I tend to agree with Popper about knowledge being
>tentative and non-justifiable. However, can we not make knowlege claims
>that are "better" than others or propose theories that, at least in a point
>in time, seem to offer "better" explanations than other theories? Is
>quantum physics an "improvement" over Newtonian physics? And if so, why?

1. Have you read the various western mysticism constructions of reality ?
There is a common theme contained within them (particularly quabalistic
mysticism) which proposes that we each have an inner and an outer reality,
and that each of these has a number of dimensions. The points at which the
inner reality meets the outer reality are by consensual agreement. It is
contractual and a trade off is made whereby both dimensions can exist in

2. As to your quantum physics question. You really need to read the writings
of Fritz Capra (whose ideas provided the framework for the later writings of
Ken Wilson, the genius transpersonal psychologist). I guess Wilson's model
best illustrates the advantage of a quantum physics approach. Wilson's
theory advances a holonic model of reality. Holons are hierarchical wholes.
What Wilson proposes is that we (humans) only evolve by inclusion and
transcendence of previous holons in our re-construction of a new holonic
reality, and that a failure to include (at any level on his four quadrants
of existence) constitutes a personal disintegration and arrest of

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