lopsided constructs

G Douglas (grammino@fastnet.co.uk)
Mon, 16 Dec 1996 08:54:03 GMT

I recently came across an article on 'the Golden-section
hypothesis' (Ch.7 of PCT:concepts and applications(1979),Ed. by J.R.
Adams-Webber), which presents evidence for the idea that the negative end of
a construct tends to be assigned 38% of set of elements with great
regularity, and claims that the Golden-ratio is thus a fundamental principle
of binary construing. This seems fascinating if true. Does anyone know if it
has been replicated or of more recent references ?
As an extension it seems to me that if we imagine the growth of an
Ordinal scale to take place by repeated division in this way then those
divisions follow the Weber-Fechner principle.
Any answers ?
Graham Douglas.