Dichotomy and Bipolarity

G Douglas (grammino@fastnet.co.uk)
Fri, 20 Dec 1996 19:17:48 GMT

Dear Colleagues,
I have been following this discussion and would like to ask
for further information on two related questions.
1. I am reminded of a paper by Dean Peabody (JPSP(1967)) in which
he puts forward evidence that both extremes of a bipolar personality trait
scales represent correspond to negative evaluations. One example he uses is
a scale going from Timid(E-) to Cautious (E+) to Bold(E+) to Rash(E-). This
could, I suppose also be seen as containing 2 orthogonal factors, but
separating them might give a 'bent'scale ?
2. Has anyone worked with PCT in relation to the Semiotic Square
of Greimas? I'd be interested in any thoughts anyone might have
on how the poles of a scale relate to the traditional logical
concepts of Contraries and Contradictories.
3.To return to my earlier point , are there any studies anyone
knows relating to the distribution of Elements on bipolar
scales? It has been claimed that there is a tendency for the
populations of the two halves to be related by a particular
mathematical proportion.
Seasons Greetings,
Graham Douglas.