re Core Constructs
Fri, 3 Jan 1997 01:17:43 +0100

Laso Ortiz Esteban Leona returns to this discussion and elaborates on the
distinction I made between core and superordinate constructs.

Just one minor comment:

a) a core construct is _not necessarily_ a
superordinate construct, an vice versa

Well, I think I know what you meant: I understood you to intend that
they're terminologically distinct entities, and potentially structurally
distinct: a core construct and a superordinate construct could be located
at _different_ levels in a hierarchy.
Functionally, though, a core construct (if, as we're agreed, it concerns
distinctions which are _crucial_ to a person), would surely have
subordinate constructs, and would thereby be structurally superordinate.

NB I was interested in Graham Douglas' comments on Eleanor Rosch's work,
which I haven't come across. Would it be possible to briefly summarise her
idea of natural categories, Graham?

A super-successful, fulfilling, happy and peaceful 1997 to everyone.
May all your horses come in first, and all your lottery tickets come up
with 6 winning numbers.

And may every PC in the world turn into a Macintosh...

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