Re: An Introduction.

Robert Parks (
Thu, 23 Jan 1997 08:15:22 -0500

Nice to hear from you Brian. I'm working on a project that might relate to
your interests. I teach political science, and I'm developing a course in
which I plan to have students develop indexes of selected web material.
Generally, when I send students to the web for research, they are
overwhelmed. The digital library resources are still sparse, and the
material on the web isn't sufficiently indexed. So I plan to have students
develop personal concept maps of selected portions of their topic. I plan
to use a PCP grid to assist students in developing and explicating their
concepts. Students then will compare their grids, and develop a personal
map as well as a group map of a particular topic. They will then turn the
concept map into a thesaurus entry, to be used for indexing material found
on the web. Instead of a collection of site addresses, I will ask them to
prepare a "precis" of the topic from content found on the web - a
collection of definitions and illustrative uses, instances, examples and
related concepts, etc. The group will be responsible for integrating these
personal hyper-maps into a web guide to the topic. Is this related in any
way to what you are interested in?

Bob Parks
Elmira College

>My name is Brian Carpenter, and I am completing my master's degree in
>Information Science at San Jose State University (SJ, Calif.). I have
>been lurking on this mailbase for a couple months, but have yet to
>participate in any significant fashion. As to this list, my interests are
>specifically centered around Kelly's Personal Construct theories, and how
>his tenets may contribute to reductions in information overload. My
>studies have also led me into the realms of Object-Oriented Programming,
>and Information Retrieval systems.
>It would be nice to hear from any of you who share similar interests.
>Brian J. Carpenter
>Reference Librarian
>Bethany College
>Scotts Valley, Calif. USA