admin message about the list

Chris Evans (
Fri, 24 Jan 1997 16:18:45 +0100

I've been a co-ower of the list for a few weeks now
and my Email program has piled up hundreds of
bounced mail messages (they come to Hemant and I if
an address on the list isn't working).

I've decided, partly because the mailbase system is
apparently groaning under the load of such messages,
to start trying to sort these out. I'll only
remove messages which bounce for more than a few
weeks and will email the postperson at the site
(unless it's a huge ISP like AOL or Compuserve)
asking if s/he knows of the user and has a new
functioning address. I am also posting a list
of people I'm removing in the hope that someone
on the list knows of their knew address and will
Email them telling them they can resubscribe by

the message:

subscribe pcp first_name last_name

It is very helpful if you are leaving an address,
if you would send the message:

leave pcp

to the same address _BEFORE_YOU_LEAVE_!!!

<--- list of addresses removed --->

Timothy Anderson

Daniel Sanders

Shigeru Iwakabe

Shigeru Iwakabe

Shigeru Iwakabe

Shigeru Iwakabe

Paul Dolman-Darrall

Bob Crowley

Heather Moran

Simon Vearnals

<--- list of addresses failing for less than two weeks now --->
<--- I haven't deleted these --->

Yvette Ward

I've also got a new address for 1 person and have mailed
the new address suggesting the person resubscribes.

The crunch message is _PLEASE_ send all admin requests
to that address, not the list address. Problems should
be sent to, NOT TO THE LIST!

Best wishes to everyone!


Chris Evans, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy.
Dept. Gen. Psychiatry, St. George's Hospital Medical School,
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