core system questions (and an FAQ?)

Chris Evans (
Thu, 6 Feb 1997 12:06:50 +0100

<Those who want to cut to the core stuff, jump to the end of this

Michael Nowacki sent me the following note. He has asked
about putting together an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
file (or files) for the list. We could put that up at
mailbase where it could be reached by Email or via the WWW.

He asked me about how to be a member of the list (so you can post to
the list) but how he could _NOT_ receive the list messages by
Email (he prefers to browse the archive of them using the
WWW). For anyone else who wants to know, the trick is to join the
list, then send a message whose body says:

suspend mail pcp


(_NOT_ to the list address!)

I thought that was a piece of advice we could put in a
"technicalities" FAQ. I think there have been questions and
answers about grids and grid software that would be good in a "grids"
FAQ (any grid software authors, Richard?, Guillem?, Mildred?, Finn?
want to post information about their products we could put there?)

I think the questions he's diffident about posting to the list (see
below) are core questions for a "PCP" FAQ and look forward to an
exciting surge of responses :-) (Hm, must purge more of those
apparently dead addresses quick or my mailbox will be full of
rejected messages!)

Over to you all...

------- Forwarded Message Follows -------
Date: Wed, 5 Feb 1997 10:58:32 -0800 (PST)
From: Michael Nowacki <>
Subject: Re: Archives vs. membership
To: Chris Evans <>

> On 4 Feb 97 at 13:50, Michael Nowacki wrote:
> > i guess there's no pcp faq in the works, eh?
> >
> I think that's an excellent idea and will put it in my in-tray,

i originated an email via a public copy of netscape, requesting the
status of the FAQ, and, barring that, a quick note about the current
state of the art re: pcp. since you have already answered my later
email re: suspend mail, i must presume that earlier msg was lost.

interjection from Chris, I think I responded, but probably to the
public Netscape machine's address and hence into nowhere probably. I
think I suggested Michael ask the list!

all i wanted was some advice about becoming current with the
literature on pcp. i think the most pertinent things are:

1. is there any later writing by Kelly that constitutes adenda or
revisions of the 1955/'63 "A Theroy of Personality"?

2. are there any famous/notorious journal articles or edited volume
chapters that have pervasively influenced pcp in the ensuing years?

3. who are the gods/satans of pcp currently publishing? none? has it
been subsumed by another paradigm (vs. influencing various others)?

i hesitate to post this since it may be recieved by the list as
unwanted noise. however, if you think it appropriate, you could post a
version of this msg and invite members to send suggestions to me,
whereupon i would be happy to cobble together a FAQ sheet.


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