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Beverly Walker (
7 Feb 1997 09:29:46 +1100

A frequent question is:
Q:I'm working on 'x'. Where can I find any pcp references on this.

A: there are two places where you could start, both containing some 2500+
One is the list compiled by Gabriele Chiari. It is available in two forms -
hard copy for a fee from the compilor (cash only for overseas currency -
Lit40,000; DM40; UK#163#20; Peseta E 3000; US$30; AUS$40 to Centro di
Psicologia e Psicoterapia Costruttivista, Via Germanico 197 - 00192, Roma,
Italy) or in a form that allows searches by topic or author on the Wollongong
Personal Construct group web-site (
The second was compiled by April Metzler and is available by sending $US30 to
her at college of Education and Human Services, 111 Research Drive, LeHigh
University Bethleham PA18015-4792, USA.