Re: "Reality"

Mancuso, James C. (
Mon, 10 Feb 1997 10:12:12 -0500


Thanks for your post and your comments on my ruminations.

I have had trouble with Popper, as well -- but have no trouble with
Kuhn, who owed a great [unacknowledged] debt to Stephen Pepper.

I hate to refer a respondent to my previous work -- but in this case,
since you asked directly, I will answer your question about my relation
to the social constructionists by referring you to my article [and the
responses] in _Theory and Psychology_, which is something of the
mouthpiece for the social constructionists --
Mancuso, J. C. (1996) Constructionism, Personal Constructs, ...
_Theory and Psych_, _6_, 47-92.
Yes, indeed, my thinking has been continuously shaped by my first
reading of George Kelly -- back in 1958, when I found his 1955 work.

Thanks, again....
Jim Mancuso