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Tue, 11 Feb 1997 9:54 -0600

Hi Jason,
I obtained Kelly's 2 volume work by contacting Routledge, the England
branch: 1-800-634-7064(this number is actually in Kentucky, but the books
have to be shipped from London). Be sure to tell them it is a 2 volume work
because the first time they sent me volume 1 only. Use the following ISBN

Overall: 0-415-03799-9 (This ISBN covers both volumes, but include the
specific ISBN #'s for each volume or they will send only one book)
Volume 1: 0-415-03797-2
Volume 2: 0-415-03798-0

The 2 volumes are an attractive gray and black set, hardcover. But here's
the cruncher. They cost 140 bucks. But it's worth it if your in PCP
because it is a classic work. The Routledge set is a 1991 reprint, but
nothing has been changed or deleted from the 1955 original.
From: Jason Zack
To: pcp
Subject: Quest for Kelly's (1955) Book
Date: Monday, February 10, 1997 7:54PM


Can somebody help me find a copy of Kelly's (1955) book: The Psychology of
Personal Constructs (vols 1 & 2) ?

I've been looking everywhere and have been unable to find one. Apparently
it's out of print for some time and the only place that still sells it is
Routledge Press in the UK for a price of something like $160. Naturally
this is a bit pricey for a grad student. I really just need a reading
copy, and although I'd prefer a set in good condition without too many (if
any) markings, it does not necessarily need to be a nice fresh new one.
Therefore, if someone has a used copy (both volumes) that you would like to
sell... I'm definitely interested. It is really quite surprising that this
classic is out of print considering how often it gets cited. Can someone
help me please?

Thanks in advance,
Jason Zack

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