(Fwd) Re: York research group

Chris Evans (C.Evans@sghms.ac.uk)
Sun, 23 Feb 1997 12:59:18 +0100

Helen has received some messages from the list as if they came from
the pcp-request address and so her replies to them came to me and
Hemantnot to the list. She and I are trying to sort out how this
happened but here is the first of her lost posts!


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> Dear Fionn Stevenson (are you by any chance related to some Stevensons in
> Putney, London??? Just a coincidental thought?)
> Thank you for responding. Your research sounds extremely interesting and
> we would love to hear about it, comment on it and learn from it in our
> group. No one is currently working on environmental or cross cultural
> issues (although the topics are often discussed) but I think most people
> would be interested in the notion of multiple poles of personal
> constructs...within a constructivist paradigm. I hope you will decide
> to come - Liverpool is quite a trek but the train service is good in my
> experience. Do let me know what you think...
> HelenJones
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> From: pcp-request
> To: pcp
> Subject: Re: York research group
> Date: 17 February 1997 13:34
> Dear Helen,
> I'm doing a Ph.D. on Environmental values from a cross-cultural
> perspective. I hope to use PCP,and
> modifying it using Canter's Multiple Sorting Procedure or MSP as it
> is known ( research originally based at Surrey, now at Liverpool Uni).
> Is there anyone in the York meeting group who is looking either at
> a) environmental studies
> b)crosscultural studies
> c) modification of PCP away from binary poles towards multiple poles
> using MSP
> If there is, I would like to come....
> Hope to hear from you
> Best wishes
> Fionn Stevenson
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