Re: PCA analysis of rep grids

Richard Bell (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 09:53:49 +1100


regarding your remark:

> can the data significantly
>affect the analysis method (a two way interaction if you like)?

My guess would be that different vagaries in grid data would be
differentially interact with different analytic approaches. So yes, the
situation will be complicated.

As for

>Regarding the demise of G-Pack, do you see standard analysis packages as the
>preferred alternative for the future or do you see a role for dedicated grid
>analysis packages?

I think there will always be a role for dedicated grid packages because (a)
sometimes there are things to be done with grids that don't exist in
standard packages (of course the converse is also true), and (b) dedicated
packages can be simpler and cheaper to run. [G-Pack is to be replaced by
Gridstat in the next few months.]


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