Re: RepGrid Alternative?

Jack Adams-Webber (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 11:27:04 -0500

>I'm a graduate student in counseling psychology at the University of
>Maryland. We're currently doing some research using rep tests but
>unfortunately the price of RepGrid ($500) is just too steep for my
>grantless budget. Can anyone suggest an affordable alternative (beyond
>WebGrid...I've already discovered that and it seems somewhat limited)? I
>really want to keep people here excited about this methodology.
>Thanks for your help


There are two versions of OMNIGRID available, depending on what kind of
machine you wish to run it on.

OMNIGRID 3.0 (the Macintosh version) requires HyperCard 2.0 and about 2 mg.
of memory. It has been fully documented and the on-line help system has
been implemented. If you are interested in obtaining a copy, please send me
the appropriate disk(s), one for the program and another one for the
manual, if you want it). Alternatively, I could e-mail all of it to you (if
you have BINHEX or equivalent).

OMNIGRID-PC, an MS DOS version, can be obtained directly from Dr. Ken
Sewell, Department of Psychology, University of North Texas, Denton, TX
76203 [], probably on a, more or less, cost recovery basis.

All versions of OMNIGRID are currently in the public domain, and further
information about them can be found in the following publications:

Sewell, K.W., Adams-Webber, J., Mitterer, J.O. & Cromwell, R.L. (1992).
Computerized repertory grids. International Journal of Personal Construct
Psychology, 5, 1-23.

Sewell, K.W., Mitterer, J.O., Adams-Webber, J., & Cromwell, R.L. (1991).
OMNIGRID-PC: A new development in computerized repertory grids.
International Journal of Personal Construct Psychology , 4, 175-192.

Mitterer, J.O. & Adams-Webber, J. (1988). OMNIGRID: A program for the
construction, administration and analysis of repertory grids. In J. C.
Mancuso & M. L. G. Shaw (Eds.), Cognition and personal structure: Computer
access and analysis (pp. 89-103). New York: Praeger.

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