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Wed, 19 Mar 1997 17:25:02 -0500

Hi all,
I would like to add my ditto to Kerri's request for ideas about how to
make a brief introduction of constructivist theory and therapy to
professionals with limited previous exposure to this topic. I am a doctoral
intern in clinical psychology who will be making a similar presentation to
the clinical staff at my internship site. Any suggestions would be welcome.


At 12:59 PM 3/19/97 -0600, you wrote:
>Hopefully this message has not been sent twice. Sorry if it was.
>Someone accidently uplugged our phone line.
>My name is Kerri Johnson and I am an intern school counselor finishing a
>master's degree in counseling with school and agency counseling
>(marriage and family emphasis). I am fairly new to the internet and
>constructivst theory. I was excited to find this listserv and am eager
>to learn of any others.
>My current research projects include an article I am writing with Dr.
>Marla Muxen, a marriage anf amily therapist about "symbolic family
>interviewing" that is based on system, cybernetic and constructivist
>theory Other projects include a presentation about military career
>prepration and the school counselors role. I will be presenting at the
>South Dakota State Counseling convention in April.
>I am writing not only to introduce myself as a new member, but also to
>request information and assistance! I just finished my written exam and
>have my oral presenation in just a week. My problem is the 15 minute
>oral presenation that will start out the oral exam. How can I explain
>constructivism and its applications in 15 minutes?! I am planning to
>move on to briefly identify the different constructive theories
>(cognitive-developmental, social constructionists,
>systems,solution-focused, etc...)
>From then on, I am supposed to talk about theorists and authros (George
>Kelly, Mahoney, Guidano, Becvar & Becvar etc...), concepts, the nature
>of mental illness/health, techniques, the therapeutic process, how I
>have applied this theory to my practicum and internship clients and
>other topics that explain this theory.
>I need advice about how you would proceed. Are there any book that have
>been particularly helpful in articulating this theory in brief terms
>rather than lengthy philosophical terms. I am looking for ideas, quotes
>and other sources you think might be helpful for such a broad and short
>presenation such as this. I recently read Becvar and Becvar's group
>counseling from a constructivist perspective. I need to present this
>information to faculty that do not have extensive background in this
>theory. (It seems like everyone in my graduate program at South Dakota
>State University is Adlerian, and REBT).
>I would appreciate any help I can get!!!
>Thank you,
>Kerri R. Johnson
>133 Twin Oaks Place #46
>Sioux Falls, SD 57105
>(605) 331-0642 (phone)
> (E-mail at Internship site)

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