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Chris Evans (
Thu, 20 Mar 1997 19:45:18 +0100

> In this example, the child is using the trajectory of her finger
> as a
> symbol to "stand for" the movement of the clown. This is not sign-
> activity. Piaget, in fact, sees such symbolic uses of action as a
> forerunner to signs. Again, my point is that we think and relate in
> many ways, sensori-motor actions, images, emotional expereicne, that
> are not necessarily instances of sign activity.
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> Mike Mascolo

Talking of sign... those constructivists out there interested in the
sign world might like to join sign-speak, a list devoted to the
interface between the signing and speaking cultures. To join, send a
message to:
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in the body of the message. While I'm on this theme (!), those
interested in family therapy could send:
join aft
and those interested in therapeutic communities could send:
join atc

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