Re: client/comp/inter

Devi Jankowicz (
Fri, 21 Mar 97 23:40:06 +0100

Roy Brooks writes,

> believe I see way to elict client constructs
>through computer without need for administrator. client interacts only with
>computer intially with results available to anaylst without the need for
>intensive client/anaylst interface. Are such intstruments
>available,computerizes projective tests, don't want to work on a done deal.
>Anyone interested in educating me on something comparable as being
>available, please contact me. Anyone with sincere interest in developing
>such an instrument please let me know

Try it: should be interesting, though possibly running counter to a
variety of
deeply-held, but perhaps inarticulate, values concerning the role of the
interpersonal in eliciting constructs (as distinct from simply
which is indeed an individual activity). Dunno about "projective", though.

Having said that, you might be interested in an account which did just
you're suggesting, and which reported that elicitation was very much more
effective when the respondent had another person with whom to interact as
part of the process. The context was employee induction; the rationale,
a computerised database of the previous job-holder's constructs about a
of issues important to the job could be helpful to the new job incumbent
developing effective ways of construing the job situation; and the
that the new job-holder did indeed find it helpful, but preferred to
mull over
the way s/he constured the previous job-holder's constructs- with another
real person.

The reference is:

Eden C. & Sims D. "Computerised vicarious experience: the future for
management induction?" _Personnel Review_ 1981, 10, 1, 22-25.

Kind regards,

Devi Jankowicz

P.S. And in any case, aren't you sacrificing a lot of the flexibility of
programmes like SOCIOGRID, in that they're capable of carrying out a
continuous analysis of a grid during the course of elicitation in a way
permits a dynamic interaction (by a human being!) with the respondent,
informing the subsequent elicitation in a fruitful way? Note: SOCIOGRID
does this automatically, so a respondent _could_, after learning a few
output conventions, dispense with the human interlocutor; but Eden & Sims
surely suggests that to do so is experienced as limiting by the

So, a brief answer to your question:
>Are such instruments available... don't want to work on a done deal
is "yes": and found to be wanting.