Re: explination of feminist perspective

Gary F. Blanchard (
Tue, 25 Mar 1997 22:34:04 -0800

Dear Bob-

RE: your comments to Kaia, in particular:

> a constructivist perspective would, it seems to me,
> have to posit a human being prior to the active construction of her/his own
> gender role concept. At least I hope so.
This sounds very logical, Bob.

But the essence of the idea that we construct our worlds is that we do
so any damn way we happen to. There are no rules. The only logic is
the one we impose. Kaia sees it the way she sees it.

Others may have questions and concerns, and those are theirs. They need
to take responsibility for them and, if they wish to query the speaker,
see if the speaker is willing.


Sincerely, Gary