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Yes, thanks very much, the only library seems to be the B>L> Document
section. The point of interest to me is the possibility of an application
analysis of narratives, where conflicting themes and characters often make
up the logical structure of a story-- if any thoughts occur to you I'd be
glad to hear.
I hope you are well,

Hi Graham,

Just wanted to let you know that Volume 7 Issue 4 1994 of the Journal of
Constructivist Psychology is a special issue on narrative psychology. I
don't know if it addresses the specifics you are looking for, but if you can
get hold of that issue, it may be helpful. Also Volume 5 Issue 4 1991 of
the Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy is a special issue dealing with
narrative psychotherapy. Both these special issues have interesting
articles by Oscar Goncalves. Goncalves has an excellent article in the
Journal of Cognitive Psychotherapy Volume 8 Issue 2 1994 "Cognitive
narrative psychotherapy: The hermeneutic construction of alternative
meanings." Also, some earlier articles by Miller Mair (sorry, haven't got
the references readily avalible) in the IJPCP on narrative and storytelling
psychology may be helpful. Hope this helps out.


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