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One from Helen that, as usual, doesn't seem to go to the right

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Date: Thu, 03 Jul 97 19:37:00 PDT

I would like the opportunity to discuss a windows based PCP programme
which elicits, ladders and prioritises core constructs on Career
Choice. The programme is excellent when accompanied by someone who
understands the processes. It needs investmet and care to become a
stand alone programme.
I really would like to share this at the congress
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Subject: Re: computer programs
Date: 02 July 1997 11:32

Hi April,

At 02:22 PM 01-07-97 -0400, you wrote:
>This is just a quick message to anyone attending the Seattle conference
>who would like to demonstrate software. I currently have a one hour block
>time reserved for this. I would appreciate a quick message from those who
>would like to participate stating your equipment needs. As I will be
>early for Seattle,I would appreciate this information by July 3rd.

I wouldn't mind showing an almost-beta version of GRIDSTAT a new
freeware program for the analysis of repertory grid data which
currently runs on a PC and replaces the ancient Gpack. I'm not sure
what you mean by equipment needs. I will probably bring my laptop.


Richard Bell

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