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Chris Evans (
Wed, 9 Jul 1997 14:17:03 +0100

On 9 Jul 97 at 22:06, Bob Green wrote:

> Following is a post I wrote before Chris, so he might like to
> elaborate further.
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Bob has also very kindly replied to my post individually and I've
asked his permission to copy my reply to that to the whole list so
... watch this space!

As to what Bob put in the message. I find myself agreeing that those
are what I would regard as the "dominant discourse" explanations of
British psychiatry and ones I would broadly accept as one useful way
of construing others' (and my own) experiences. (I also learnt some
interesting history, thanks Bob!)

As to the issue about what is construed by us as "real" experience
and the crucial position of _that_ construction within traditional
psychiatric diagnosis, I agree _ABSOLUTELY_. That is both something
that is so fascinating about a good diagnostic interview, the subtle,
and largely unconscious (to both sides!) exploration of that issue
(sometimes the "what are they saying?" or "who are you talking to?"
is excellent and doesn't need subtleties, it's not always so despite
what Kelly said about "try asking"!)

I think it's sad that the psychiatric phenomenologists have done so
little to explore that, but I certainly think they _are_ aware of its

Interesting to find myself having this thread here.

Best wishes all,


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