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Thanks for your response. I had forgotten about the death threat index. I
assume that the other work you mentioned is still in press. If any of it
is published and you can give me the reference, I would appreciate it.

I have read you article with Pierce and Cromwell in '92 on Schizophrenia
and Depression. Toward the end of your paper you stated that empirical
research on schizophrenia should take as the object of its study "the
individuals who are construing their experiences in maladaptive ways, as
opposed to the pathological sydromes per se". I think the only way one can
apply a "person model" as opposed to a syndrome model to schizophrenics is
to take the content of their experiences seriously even if they be
maladaptive. I've started to collect some construct data interviewing
state hospital patients with elements like "well self", "mentally ill
self", mother, father, & psychiatrist. This has proven very interesting in
terms of assessment and treatment interventions on a case basis. I am
looking for some ideas as to how to compare the data between individuals
and between groups of patients rated high and low in denial of their
mental illness. I am trying to focus on the content of their constructions
of their illness as related to medical compliance,
with some possible applications to the reconstruing of their maladaptive

Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.

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> Date: Friday, July 18, 1997 1:33 PM
> Regarding the question of construct content versus structure, a few of
> us have done some content analysis work in the fields of death anxiety
> (Bob Neimeyer et al.), grief (Amy Williams, Louis Gamino, and myself),
> and PTSD (Amy Williams and myself). Some of it is in print and some
> is in press and under review. The technologies and outcomes are
> interesting, but frankly less impressive (to me) than most of the
> studies of the structure of conceptual systems.
> Kenneth