list admin - going on holiday?

Chris Evans (
Thu, 24 Jul 1997 10:36:01 +0100

Here's a message from the Mailbase list admin. people, adapted to our
list. It tells you how to suspend your mail while you are away and
how to leave, should you wish to.

Leaving the list

If you want to leave this list, please send a message to:

with this text in the body of the message

leave pcp

Going on Holiday?

If you leave your work for an extended period over summer, and receive
a lot of email messages, your mailbox may fill up, and your email
could stop working.

So before you go away you should temporarily SUSPEND messages from
your Mailbase lists by sending a message to
with the command:

suspend mail all

Suspending list membership is particularly important if you use a
vacation mailer program, otherwise automatic messages may be sent from
your address to the list.

On your return, you can RESUME mail by sending a message to with the command

resume mail all

Remember that you can use the web archives to catch up on any messages
you may have missed, or you can retrieve old email archives by email.

More information on the suspend and resume commands is available on
the web at:

If the commands don't work

If the SUSPEND or LEAVE command don't work, or you get an error
message, please contact the list owner by sending a message to:

Chris Evans, Senior Lecturer in Psychotherapy,
Locum Consultant to the
Prudence Skynner Family Therapy Clinic,
St. George's Hospital Medical School, London University