Re: Change Fatigue

Harry Oxley (
Mon, 4 Aug 1997 11:20:45 +1000

Dear people, A BRAIN-PICK.
One of my graduate students (not a psychologist but a Management
type) is interested in a work-group which has for some years been
undergoing experimental and more or less chaotic changes in all directions
at once.
She has an idea which seems intuitively (and experientially)
reasonable that people who keep having demands made on them to see things
differently to how they saw them yesterday, again and again, in no single
direction but of unrelated kinds, even if the changes are none of them in
themselves too enormous, will eventually find it too much for them; she
makes an analogy with metal fatigue - such as caused those Comet airliners
to go pop in my youth.
It struck me that this was just the sort of thing pcp people might
well know all about. Any references please?
I must confess that answers to this will not shut me up, because I
have some more MBA students who might find themselves helped by pcp ideas
and I'll ask on their behalf too. Well, it does all make the field KNOWN -
and in areas where there's money to be got!
With thanks in anticipation, Harry Oxley
Harry Oxley