Re: Change Fatigue

Harry Oxley (
Wed, 6 Aug 1997 12:34:04 +1000

I would also like to know (and will doubtless find out) "the extent
to which the people - - - really see things differently." Just at present
our Prime Minister is taking visits to Newcastle (ours) to promise (albeit
falsely) to do something to offset a massive number of jobs announced as
being taken away over the future year or so by our major industrial
corporation BHP. He has not come to Canberra with the same promises,
although in a matter of a very few months he wiped out very far more jobs
per head of total city population with a stroke of a pen; because we are
also a 'one industry town' and our 'one industry' is Federal Public Service
- which he has more than literally decimated. In private industries they
change but you are still doing basically the same thing, in a way that
public servants do not change within a context of doing basically the same
thing. So I am not at all sure the changes may not in fact be as bad as
she sees them.
We'll see. Certainly, just at the moment, anybody wanting to find
the level of public service morale in many parts of Canberra just at
present and for some time past would need deep-mining equipment. I'll let
you know what we (i.e. SHE - nowadays I'm paid to perform, not to think)
finds out.
Ta; all the best
Harry Oxley