Re: Fwd: Avoid the Virus!!!!!

Devi Jankowicz (
Thu, 14 Aug 97 21:21:38 +0100

Dear Mr, or is it Ms, G. Douglas,

Thank you very much for your virus warning: it's most kind of you to
forward it:
>>---------- Forwarded Message ----------
>>From: Ellen Black, 102520,2353
>>DATE: 8/12/97 7:24 PM
>>RE: Copy of: Fwd: Avoid the Virus!!!!!
>>Dear Fellow Astrologers,
>>Robert Hand just forwarded us the following important message,
>>which I am forwarding to our entire mailing list. Sorry if
>>this is a duplicate.
>>Ellen Black
>>etc., etc.

But what makes you think that the pcp mailbase group is devoted to
astrology? Was it something we said?

Kind regards,

Devi jankowicz