RE: The construction of _hard case_

Jonathan Norton (
Wed, 20 Aug 1997 09:21:30 +1000

Dear Esteban

It seems to me that establishing what sort of case is considered a
"hard" one among different therapists and therapist groups will be
important for you. I am reminded of the de Shazer solution-focused group
in Milwaukee, who use the "miracle question" to allow clients to
identify their own goals for more successful functioning. They estimate
that about 80% of any clinical population can answer this question and
thus imagine the possibility of (or anticipate and construe)
improvements in the future. So this question may also be used for making
an assessment about the level of "difficulty" of the case. In other
words those unable to respond to the invitation to consider what things
would be like in the absence of their "problem" are likely to offer
particular challenges in the therapeutic work.


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