New Member from Padua

BF102454 (
Thu, 21 Aug 97 22:21:25 +0100

Dear PCP Group Members,
just to reply at your encouragement, there is my brief introduction. My
name is Massimo Giliberto and I am an Italian. My principal interest and
work is the psychoterapy, bat I am interested to various implications of
juridical psychology also. I am a consultant, in fact, near the Juvenile
Court of Venice and near a little prison for drug addicts people. I am
the responsible for Psychology and Psychotherapy of Personal Construct
Center (CPPC) in Padua. Others two Centers are in Rome conduct,
respectively, by Gabriele Chiari and Maria Laura Nuzzo. I am actually
doing my wizard's course for being teatcher of psychoterapy near a
private school in Florence :-).
I knew PCP at the end of University and I deepened it, ten years ago,
during my trainig of psychoterapist. I have been overwhelmed with...
I am currently interesting in