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Robert Wright (
Mon, 25 Aug 1997 11:59:53 +0800

Hi Bob,

I've some great references you might be interested in:

1. Stewart & Stewart (1982). Business Applications of Repertory Grid. McGraw

2. Blowers, G. & O'Connor, K. (1996). Personal Construct Psychology in the
Clinical Context. University of Ottawa Press

3. one recommended to me by Prof. Devi Jankowicz:
Burr, V. & Butt, T. (1992). An Invitation to PCP. London, Whurr Publishers.

4. Fransella & Bannister (1977). A Manual of Repertory Grid Technique.
Academic Press London.

Hope this helps.
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Hong Kong

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Your email asked:

>Could someone point me to the best recent "introduction" to PCP
>(Kelly/Repertory Grids), or a convenient but extensive bibliography?